Retractable Roll Up Banner Stands


Retractable banner stands offer perfect solution for fast, high impact, exhibition. You can deploy them individually or together.



Salient features of our Product:

  • Digitally printed for sharp print quality on the highest quality material
  • Light weight and professional
  • Environmently friendly
  • Eye-catching artwork to convey accurate branding message
  • Easy to setup and collapse
  • Available in wide variety of sizes and quality
  • Superfast turnarounds and speedy deliveries
  • Upload your artwork today or let us do the artwork for you
  • Brilliant full color printing PVC banner
  • High quality promotional products
  • We provide custom printing and complete branding solution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are the features of Retractable Roll Up Banner Stands?


  • Available in multiple sizes to choose from
  • Telescopic Pole for adjustable height
  • Cristal crisp digital printing for great photographic print
  • The banner seamlessly rolls or retracts into the base for safe storage when not in use
  • FREE Zippered nylon case for travel & storage free


More information:

Retractable Roll Up Banner Stand is a perfect solution for exhibition and trade shows. The Retractable Banner Stand is light weight, portable solution for your tradeshow, exhibit display or there marketing activities. You will only need to follow simple, easy to use directions to set it up. It is so easy to assemble that anyone can set-up banner stand in minutes.

Retractable Roll Up Banner Stands comes with a telescopic ploe which will help you to adjusted the banner height anywhere between 34″ and 78″, thereby offering maximum versatility. When you are not using it, your banner graphics are safely stored inside the anodized aluminum casing for future use.

Retractable banner stands are the easiest and most convenient of all kinds of banner displays available. Retractable banner stands are most popularly used for trade, retail store displays, sporting events, airports, shopping malls and museum exhibits.

These banners are also commonly called as roll up banner stands or pull up banner stands, and they are called such because of their mechanism that helps retract the banner into the base when they are not used.

Retractable Roll Up Banner is based on a spring loaded mechanism, however there are certain models in the high-end retractable banner stands that use a different system which involves no springs at all. Regardless of the Retractable Roll Up Banner model or the mechanism used, you simply have to pull up the retractable banner just like as you would pull down a window shade.

Once pulled, you will also need to attach the top rail to the top of a support pole provided. Some very wide models require two support poles, but even in this case a single person can easily set up a retractable banner stand in just few minutes.

Also taking them down is just as simple. Just lift the top rail off the support pole, and boom, the banner will conveniently roll back into the aluminum base. Once down, you just need to put the pole and base into the travel bag and ready to move.

Given the kind of popularity retractable banner stands enjoys, there are wide variety of styles and sizes available than you are going to find with any other type of banner stand. This is particularly helpful for trade show banner stands, because with the wide range of sizes to choose from, you are sure to find model that precisely fits your need.

Except for the table top retractable banner stands, that have their own properties, DisplayMart offers choice that start at under 20″ wide. There are also models that are 24″ wide, which are great for narrow spaces. Retractable Roll Up Banner with a width of about 31″ to 36″ wide are most popular.

There are few models in the range of 39″ size, and these are popular among advertisers looking for more room on the banner for creating greater impact, while having something that is easy to transport and inexpensive to ship.

With a vast range of sizes and styles, you can find retractable banner stands for almost every types of display needs. Moreover Displaymart also has banner stands to fit any budget as well.

Additional information


Customized to your requirement.


As applicable

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Piece


Standard delivery time of 2 days applies only after artwork has been approved.


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