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Get Promo Table with custom printing with free delivery in India. Promo Table is lightweight, cost-efficient promotional display counter with can be used for indoor and outdoor promotional activities, exhibitions and trade shows. The Promo table are printed on high quality laminated eco solvent vinyl for best performance. It is also ideal for displaying products at supermarkets and shopping centers. Highly portable and easy to set up.

Displaymart provides promo table with and without printing. You can buy a single peace or place a bulk order and we can ship you the anywhere in India through Fedex.

We print promo table with high quality laminated eco solvent vinyl for crisp and best quality print output.

There has been an unprecedented growth in every kind of marketing activities over the last few years. It’s not just that the use of standee and canopies that has grown, but the demand for about every kind of marketing material has grown to noticeable level.

Promotable are excellent for one person use. It is still kind of limited in use but is perfect for small or crowded place where you can’t fit canopies or demo tent.

Nevertheless, they have a certain kind of appeal that immediately catches audience’s attention.

Promo tables are highly portable and extremely easy to carry. You can also assemble them quickly and with ease. The promo table comes in a carry case and is made of plastic body. It is weather resistant & can withstand strong winds, making it perfect for outdoor marketing activities. The material used for promo table is of professional grade quality and is industrial level tested.



Salient features of our Product:

  • Digitally printed for sharp print quality on the highest quality material
  • Light weight and professional
  • Environmently friendly
  • Eye-catching artwork to convey accurate branding message
  • Easy to setup and collapse
  • Available in wide variety of sizes and quality
  • Superfast turnarounds and speedy deliveries
  • Upload your artwork today or let us do the artwork for you
  • Brilliant full color printing PVC banner
  • High quality promotional products
  • We provide custom printing and complete branding solution.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are the features of promo table?


  • Light weight – around 6 kg
  • Banner – Solvent, Eco Solvent with & without lamination
  • Portable, Easy to carry
  • Black carry case
  • Hidden shelf to put important items
  • Multi color printing
  • PP Plastic
  • MDF plastic
  • Reusable
  • Stable fold-able aluminium frame
  • Easy to install and de-install
  • 90% print coverage area


What are the size in which promotional tables are available?

The size in which promotional table comes is big enough to accommodate one sales man and a place to conveniently store and keep sales and marketing materials for distribution purposes such as pamphlets and broachers.

  • Overall: 26 inch width x 75 inch height x 13 inch depth
  • Counter top: 31 inch width x 36.5 inch height x 16 inch depth
  • Header: 32 inch width x 8 inch height


What kind of printing is done on promo table?

Display Mart uses eco solvent media for banner to be used in promo table. Usually printing on banner in flex or star flex is not preferred because it doesn’t come with adhesive like vinyl. Therefore you will need some kind of gumming solution to paste the banners to the promo table which will not last for too long.

This won’t be even visually appealing. Solvent vinyl or normal vinyl or eco vinyl are all digital vinyl, which is best for promo table. For promo table we provide eco vinyl pasting and it also comes with lamination. Interestingly you have an option to choose from matt or gloss lamination, both come at same price.

If you refer the image above you will see that banner size is displayed in the promo table size photo. Since these are digitally printed, you will need to provide high resolution image preferably minimum 300 DPI for best print quality.

What are the ways in which you can use promotional table?

There is no hard and fast rule on the usage of promotional table. The use of promo table purely depends on the need and the situation. So for example if you have to conduct marketing activity in a very compact area such as shopping mall, or heavily crowded area, promo tables is best. But if you don’t have constraint of area, you can setup canopy or demo tent, both of which allows for more space where more than two sale executives can easily accommodate. Here are some of the use case scenarios:

  • Filling Survey
  • Admission Inquiry
  • Product Promotions
  • Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Campaign for societies
  • Awareness campaign
  • Information counter


What are the options for assembly and delivery of promo table?

Display Mart ships you product anywhere throughout India. Promo tables are easy to assemble and carry. There are Youtube videos available that you can follow to see how these are assembled. Assembling them is easy and is not difficult even for the first time users. The best thing is that promo tables don’t come with several joints and bolts. On an average, you can easily assemble it in within 5 minutes or less.

Are there any alternative to promo table?

Promotional tables are not the only marketing tools for the purpose. You can use canopy, demo tent, promo table with umbrella or even Gazebo. However using anyone of them is very subjective (including promo table). There use highly depends on the space you have been allotted for conducting marketing activities or may be number of other factors such as the number of sales executives or the purpose of the activity.

Can I change the banner of the promo table? Where can I get new banner printed for promo table?

If for any reason you want to change the banner on the promo table, we can help you with the art work of new banner and printing them for you. You can order eco solvent banner in custom size as displayed above and we will deliver it to your place. You can use the fresh banners to replace earlier table banner with the new one.

Additional information


Customized to your requirement.


As applicable

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Piece


Standard delivery time of 2 days applies only after artwork has been approved.


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